Funky Team Finland - three locations, one family

Funky Team consists of three cheerleading clubs in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Funky Team ry (FTC) was established in 1995 making it Finland's oldest cheerleading club. In 2011, we expanded and founded our Espoo location and in 2017, our Vantaa location.


We offer athletes of all levels the opportunity to train purposefully close to home and create a sports career as far as to the international level. We conduct our operations responsibly, equally and with high quality, guided by our values. We are Finland's largest club community, a developer and leader in cheerleading both in Finland and internationally.



Joy in what we do leads to success, new experiences and opportunties within the sport.

Encouraging you to do you best and enjoy what you do!


High quality cheerleading that allows opportiunties to progress and develop at all levels.

Supporting an active lifestyle.


Together as a team, as a club, with our employees and sponsors.

Everyone equally involved to build a well-rounded athletic club.

Together anything is possible!

Code of Ethics & Code of Conduct

Respect and value

Grow into an athlete

Act openly



Want to start cheerleading or cheerdance?

1. Choose cheerleading, cheerdance, or both!

Cheerleading and cheerdance are diverse sports that are suitable for everyone. At Funky Team, you will find the right group for you, whether your looking for a hobby or a competitive sport.

2. Choose the level and team that suit you

In the beginner groups, athletes will learn the basics of the sport. As the athlete progresses and learns skills they can choose to continue cheerleading as a hobby or move onto our competitive teams. Special needs and special ability are also available for children and young people if training in other teams is not possible due to illness, injury or other obstacle.

3. Contact us using the "Sign-up" form

Tell us through the form about what you are looking for and we will find the right team for you.

4. Come and try!

You can come and try the sport on the team assigned to during two trainings. If you do not wish to proceed, you must notify the coach or team leader of your cancellation by email or text message before the third practice session. If you do not cancel your participation before the third time, you are obliged to pay the club membership fee and the season fee in full.



Cheerleading is a team sport where athleticism, acrobatics and teamwork meet. In trainings we focus on stunts, pyramids, tumbling, and bakset tosses. In addition to these routine components we train to improve physcial fitness, agility and technque. Trainings are adapted to accomodate all ages and skill levels, from beginner to top athletes!


Cheerdance showcases pirouettes, jumps, flexibility in a fast-paced dance routine. Cheerdance improves physical fitness, body control, speed, and strength. In trainings athletes can expect to work a choreographed routine that encompasses the skills listed above as well as acrobatics. Cheerdance train on marley and wooden dance surfaces.


There are 68 cheer and dance teams in our clubs through Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa. We have teams that suit all ages and experience levels.

No sport experience: Our clubs have several starter groups, which will also be included in the middle of the season if there are spots available. Register for our start-up groups using the contact form.

Strong sports background and want to train more than once a week: Contact us using the contact form to find the right team for you.

Experience in cheer and I want to qualify for the competition group: Our club always organizes tryouts after the Finnish National Championships. Attending tryouts is the most convenient way to join our teams. Sometimes we hold open tryouts half-way through the season but this depends on the team and spots available. If you are interested in joining a specific team you should keep up with them on their instagram account and contact the coaches directly through their Funky Team email address -

We include boys and men at any stage of the season.

Regardless of your interest make sure to contact us using the contact form! This way we will ensure to contact you directly in a timely manner.

Tiny 3-5 years old

Beginner Mini 6-7 years old

Minis 7-12 years old

Juniors 12-16 years old

Seniors 16 years of age and older

Classic- 18 years of age and older


What to bring to trainings?

Cheerleading and cheerdance is easy sport to start! All you need are sports clothes, such as a t-shirt, shorts, sports bra, and indoor shoes. White cheer shoes are used in cheerleading, but indoor shoes are also suitable for beginners. You can join beginner cheerleading teams with your socks, as well. Bring your own water bottle to your trainings. Long hair should be pulled up and our of your faces and all jewelry should be removed before training starts.

When are trainings?

We train on weekdays after 4 p.m. and on weekends. The trainings last anywhere from from an hour to two and a half hours. Ask the coaches for more specific team training times. Please arrive on-time to trainings! If you are going to arrive late or have to leave training early, make sure to let the coaches know well ahead of time.

Where does Funky Team hold trainings?

Here you can see all the locations where we practice normally throughout the metropolitan area.





A coach is a role model who has a immeasurable influence on the lives of children and young adults. Being a coach is a responsible, yet fulfilling job. What are you waiting for?

Do you have a background in cheerleading (or another competitive sport) and have a desire to use this knowledge to athletes? Are you trustworthy, enthusiastic, and get along with children and young adults? You may be just the person we are looking for!

We principally hire new coaches before the start of a new season however, you may leave us an application at any point during the year. If you are interested in becoming a coach, contact as at the email listed below depending on which location:

Helsinki: (Coaching coordinator)




By volunteering with us you have the opportunity to help the club in specific events, small groups focused on specific topics, and in larger projects. We are constantly looking to addition to volunteering at events, we also have team leader positions for our teams. A team leader is typically a parent of an athlete in the team. As a team leader you can expect to aid coaches and athletes in administrative duties, attend events and competitions. Our appreciation toward our parents and volunteers is immeasurable.

Team Leaders

Main duties of a team leader

  • Communicating with parents regarding team information, trainings, camps, ect.

  • Handle team clothing orders.

  • Attend competitions and team camps, when needed.

  • Help with scheduling and planning of camps and competition trips.

  • Maintain the communicaiton between parents and the coaches.

Event Volunteers

Tapahtuma-avustajan pääasialliset tehtävät

  • Ticket sales

  • Merchandise sales

  • Help to set-up before club events and take down following the event. May include lifting heavy items.

  • Clean-up following events